UPDATE 1/07/2021
We have a cost estimate for the surgery! 1 148 500 USD – which in the current dollar exchange rate makes 4 200 000 PLN. We must collect money as soon as possible so that Oluś’s heart does not suffer irreparable damage. The next two month will be the most important, our deadline is the end of march!

That’s the last chance for Alex! Unless the surgery is performed now, our son will die before our eyes. This is going to be his third battle and we truly hope that it will turn out to be the last one. This time, the life of our dear only child has been priced for a few million of polish zloty! The sooner the surgery is performed, the bigger the chances for Alex’s survival are and they shrink with each passing month! The heart of our child gets weaker each day...

Alex has a critically severe heart defect

Our son was born on October 1st, 2018 with an extreme case of tetralogy of Fallot, pulmonary atresia with interventricular defect, collateral circulation MAPCA’s. We’ve never got to enjoy his birth. The worst nightmare of our lives was unfolding day by day. He was transported right away to John Paul II Upper Silesian Child Health Centre in Katowice. Alex spent his very first moments of life in ICU due to his lungs and heart failure.

Cyanosis, the color of death, exacerbated every day. Our son needed to be given medications supporting his heart beat. On 28th day of his life, his heart stopped beating. Doctors miraculously saved his life. Your son has 30% chance of living – they said and they told us to say good bye to him. And we can do everything for our child, but saying good bye was the only thing we couldn’t do. He was baptized and then, with a heartbreaking pain of despair, we carried him into the operating room. Cardiologists decided on pulmonary artery trunk dissection and transplantation of two pulmonary branches into aorta in order to increase blood supply in his lungs. The surgery was extremely complicated and the doctors didn’t leave us with any shadow of doubt. Alex was in a critical condition, in a medically induced coma. He was literally drowning in little cables and pipes and he was severly deprived of oxygen and his lungs refused to take up an unassisted work. We were keeping watch by his cot day and night, it was our whole world, the meaning of our life. We were praying for a miracle!

Oluś po pierwszej operacji

The love for our child began in a shadow of unimaginable pain and fear of death

Our beloved son chose to be one of these 30% lucky ones. His heart started to beat only after the third attempt of disconnecting him from life sustaining care. He was discharged from hospital after two and half of a month and all we wanted to do was to embrace him in our arms and whisper to his little ears that everything was going to be fine and we would make all that difficult start in life up to him and we’d do our best to protect him from suffering any longer! That time, we didn’t realize that it was only the begining...

As we knew that hypertension developed in Alex’s lungs was highly dangerous, we immediately started to consult his case with the best cardiac surgeons in Poland. Unfortunately, all of them threw their hands up and advised us to look for a help in Baby Jesus Paediatric Hospital in Rome. There we found proff. Carotti who is the only cardiac surgeon in the whole Europe with an experience in operating such a complicated heart defect. The doctor said that our son had been qualified for a surgery on March 8th, 2020. Unfortunately, owing to the pandemic situation, the surgery was called off and it worked against us and mostly, against Alex. The shunt in his heart started closing and it turned out that the immediate operation was essential. Proff. Carotti managed to perfom a surgery on July 9th, but it was too late to treat Alex’s heart completely. The doctor was going to his great lenghts for 13 hours, but he wasn’t able to fix Alex’s heart.

Olek przed i po operacji

The worst may happen any moment...

Alex is only two years old and he’s facing death once again. Thank’s to the surgery performed in Italy, his heart is going to work for some time. How long? No one really knows. His lips are getting blue again, he gets tired really fast while playing, he’s not strong enough to run around the house like other, healthy children do. His heart is not able to oxygenete his body, his blood thickens, one day he may just suffocate. The pain we’re carrying in our hearts is beyond any description.  Why us, why our child – these are the thoughts we can’t keep our minds off. What is the meaning of such a suffering? If only it was possible, we would rip our own hearts and give them to him instead. And all of that helplessness, for he won’t manage to live up to the heart transplantation in Poland. All european health centers refused to help Alex. There is a chance though...

We’ve heard before about the hospital in USA which is the only health centre in the world that performs operations of children with pulmonary hypertension. We hadn’t taken this place into consideration as we believed that our son would be saved by the doctors in Italy and because we were frightened by the cost of such a surgery (which is between 4 and even 9 million PLN). In all our despair, we reached out to dr Frank Hanley from Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital in Stanford – the specialist of hopeless cases. He gave us a positive answer. He said that he knows how to repair our son’s heart – he’s able to perform a surgical reconstruction of Alex’s little pulmonary arteries. Dr Frank Hanley is the only person in the whole world which is able to do that, to save our beloved child, but we need to hurry up! We can’t let the pulmonary hypertension to become permanent!

As long as the heart of Alex is still beating, we will fight for him!

It turned out that we need to join literally a few Polish parents that need to beg for millions so as to save their children’ hearts. If we don’t act now, we will have to say good bye to our only son. We’ve started collecting money now, despite we haven’t been provided with a cost estimate yet, but every day counts, we can’t waste any moment now! We can’t wait because the death won’t wait as well... All we need is that enormous sum of money and the huge amount of loving hearts that will help us save our child! We can’t leave any stone unturned, we need to move heaven and earth! We’re begging you, help us with it! Join us in our battle to save our child’s life! We can only do it together, with you on our side!

Dominika i Piotr Filipowscy

Olek z rodzicami

Dear Donors!

Collection of such an enormous sum of money seems to be impossible, but it’s not the matter of money but the matter of number of people that will support it. For this reason, we’re begging, from the bottoms of our hearts, to help us save little Alex. There have to be a lot of us together, many of us! Join the fundraising, share it in social media, spread a word among your family and friends, let everyone know about it. We will appreciate any ideas of how to get to the vast number of open-hearted, ready-to-help people. Unless we do that, unless we act now, we’ll be left with a void after that little boy’s life. The life that is still possible to rescue.... If you are a mom or a dad, if you love somebody, you will understand that there’s nothing more important!

The team of Mam Serce Foundation

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